What is Teledildonics?

The term teledildonics refers to cybersex technology using computerized, remote-controlled sex toys to support long distance sexual interaction between two or more participants. It belongs to the touch-over-Internet arena.

A basic example would help to better explain what is teledildonics. Let’s use Sam and Robert. Sam lives in New York and Robert is on a six-month assignment in London, England. They’ve both been together for over 2 years and would like to make the long distance relationship work. Of course, sex is a big issue for both of them as they won’t be physically together for a long period of time. Robert has a great idea. He suggests using teledildonic sex toys so that they can still feel some semblance of sexual intimacy even though they will be miles apart. Sam agrees. They give it a trial run. Sam gets a toy and Robert gets his own. Both teledildonic toys are turned on and connected to each other over the Internet. Moreover, both Sam and Robert connect to each other using FaceTime so they can hear and see each other. Let the games begin. Robert begins using his toy and Sam starts to ‘feel’ what Robert is doing through Sam’s toy. When Robert goes faster, Sam’s toy speeds up. When Robert changes his movement pattern, Sam’s toys mimics the new vibrations. They develop a synchronized rhythmic pattern. What one does is ‘felt’ by the other. Sam can’t believe how amazing it feels. It’s almost as if Robert is right there in the room and not thousands of miles away. They’re both blown away. They could virtually have amazing sexual experiences with each other even though they are not physically together. Welcome to the world of Teledildonics.

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One of the key attributes that make teledildonics stand out, apart from being able to link remotely over the Internet, is the fact that the stimulation of one device is controlled by another. So it’s masturbation, but with someone else having control.

The video below is a short BBC feature (less than a minute) on teledildonics using the Kiiroo brand.

Source: BBC

1. Teledildonics for Long Distance Relationships

The example of Sam and Robert shows how teledildonics could be used for long-distance relationships, where two parties are not physically together but can still have an element of sexual interaction with each other. But long-distance use isn’t the only purpose of teledildonics.  The sex toys could also be used to simply spice up a relationship, even if both partners are in the same physical vicinity; something new to try.

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2. Teledildonics for All Types of Couples

Now, notice that I never indicated if Sam was a guy or a girl. Teledildonics could be used for both heterosexual or gay relationships. Most teledildonics create a match between a male and a female sex toy counterpart, which are usually a dildo (female) and a masturbator / electronic sleeve or Fleshlight type device (male). While teledildonics typically match the male and female devices, they could easily work with male-to-male or female-to-female devices as well, that is, two dildos or two male masturbator devices. Both devices simply need to be paired with each other over the Internet or via bluetooth.


3. Teledildonics for Online Chat Rooms

One of the areas that have revolutionized the teledildonics world is its application for online chat rooms.  Imagine ‘hooking’ up with an online model without actually meeting them in person. They can just pair their teledildonic device with yours and you can start playing together. Some teledildonic companies have even launched virtual reality devices to go along with their toys to create a near ‘real’ experience for the user. Now safe sex has gotten a whole lot safer.

4. Teledildonics for Solo Play

One of the cool characteristics of teledildonics is that while the sex devices are made specifically for remote interaction, they can be used on their own for some solo fun. So if you like a particular brand of teledildonics, such as Lovense Max or Kiiroo Onyx, you don’t have to worry about not having anyone else to play with.  You can just buy it for your personal use.

5. The Top Teledildonic Products

Some of the most popular teledildonics products include Lovense, one of the first bi-directional cybersex toys; Kiiroo, an Amsterdam-based cybersex tech company, the latest on the scene of teledildonics; the Sinulator by Sinulator Entertainment; the Comingle Mod device; Sexercise and Sexbox by qDot Bunnyhug; The Toy; Dildroid and Mojowijo, just to name a few.


Check out this full description and detailed explanation of Max and Nora products by clicking on the respective images below:


Max – High Tech Male Masturbator Nora – Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator
lovense-max lovense-nora

24 Comments to What is Teledildonics?

  1. writeessay says:

    You actually suggested it superbly.

  2. Online cialis says:

    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and, in fact, enjoyed your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds.

  3. Nick Wood says:

    If I were a divorce attorney I would be really upset by this. This was very insightful and informative. I travel a lot and my wife complains about it all the time. This might help calm her down a little when I have to take my next trip. There really is no limit to what mankind can do with technology.

    • Kay says:

      LOL. That’s so true. Never thought about that. But many relationships do break up because of boring sex, no sex or lack of sex during long distance spells. Teledildonics can truly help save a lot of relationships out there. Thanks for sharing that very important point.



  4. Dario says:

    I have heard this name a lot before but never knew what it was actually. And now thanks to your post I have learned all about it in just one post. Very informative and well written. Thanks!

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Dario. We aim to please. Hopefully, now that you know what it is, should the need arise you’d know exactly what to do. For example if you have to travel far from your significant other, teledildonics could be a possible solution. Just saying.

  5. Sheldon says:

    HA HA HA
    This reminds me of a “Big Bang Theory” episode when Howard and Rajesh try to help Leonard out with his long distance relationship with Pryia.

    Great post and keep up the good work.

  6. Brent says:

    this reminds me of Demolition Man with Stallone and Sandra bullock but of course much more interactive and using the parts sex is supposed to use. but still I guess it was just a matter of time. Now I am just waiting for someone to hack.

    • Kay says:

      Hi Brent, I’m sure hacking has already been considered or even tried. I’ll do some research. Look out for a possible future post on teledildonics hacks.

  7. Merry says:

    Well, I am another that was in the dark about this. As you said it is the 21st century and a few countries need to catch up on the ‘forbidden’ sex toys and issues. I think if ‘sex’ was more out in the open and talked about we would perhaps have less illegal things going on. Very interesting and well done on your part.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Merry,

      I totally agree with you. People are too caged up about sex. And you find that the ones who are most repressed are the ones who do the worst things relating to sex. So the freer society is to appreciate and talk about sex the better life could be in general.

  8. Wow, this was educational. I’m pretty impressed with the whole connection over the internet as, especially these days, there are many long distance relationships. Although I’d heard of this type of device, not the connecting thing. Thanks for the info!

  9. Shang says:

    Wow this is really an eye opening sex education website. It is definitely very informative for people to learn and understand that sex toys can be very helpful in long distance relationship for a couple and there are various ways to do it. This is really something very new to me and it gives me the curiosity to learn more about it.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comment Shang. Teledildonics is just one out of many sex toy applications. Our objective with this website is really to help people live happier sex lives. We know first hand how long distance relationships can be and teledildonics is just one option available to couples like Jay and I.

  10. Ravi says:

    Wow….this is the first time I have read or heard about this!

    I was also wondering if Sam was male or female all along lol..

    You made it clear as to what it is.

    Also great that there are solo play options for people without a significant other or partner.

    I do think it’s a useful concept as people need that excitement as part of their lives and this is giving it to them!


    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comment Sam. I hope you had an enjoyable read. Yeah, the Sam thing kind of throws some people off. But hey it’s the 21st century right. Anything is possible. The whole notion of Teledildonics is a perfect example of that.

  11. Ronnie Jordan says:

    Boy, they really are going wild with the sex thing. These things are too much for me. But I feel that it may help some people who are not appealing sexually to others. But there is someone/something for everyone. Teledildonics sex toys can fill some voids, right? Or if you feel like this is like training for the sex Olympics as well.

    • Kay says:

      LOL. Some people think it is going overboard or wild as you say. But let’s face reality. Sex is a part of reality. Many relationships break up because of boring sex or infidelity, especially in long distance relationships. But if sex toys and teledildonics could help keep couples together and happy then I say that they are good. Helping people is what really matters.

  12. Kevin says:

    Wow, I’d never heard of anything like this before! But I can definitely see how teledildonics could help people in relationships where they have to be apart for some time. I can also see how this might introduce a whole other level of exploration or ideas for partners who are together but looking for something new and different to keep things cooking.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comment Kevin. This is a whole new world that is taking couples to different levels in their relationship. One quick question though. Do you think this is something you would use if you were in a long distance relationship?

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