Lovehoney is one of the largest retailers of adult sex toys and other sex products. They sell largely over the internet.  They have been in operations for over a decade and are targeting mainly the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and Australia.  So if you’re in any one of these territories then Lovehoney is the online sex shop for you.

One of the greatest things Jay and I love about Lovehoney is their returns policy.  They allow you to return your product 365 days after the initial purchase – no questions asked.  They don’t even mind if you have used your toy for each of those 365 days.  If it was too big or too small, if you changed your mind or if it simply didn’t do it for you they will honor your return.  It’s that simple.



Adult Shopping


Adult Shopping is a huge online sex toy store.  Actually, we haven’t found anything like it.  The variety of toys, accessories, adult novelty items, condoms, lube, apparel is amazing. They have over 50,000 items on sale on their site.


We love them so much that we’ve partnered with them to be one of their ambassadors. You’d notice our logo on the site.  It’s not our store but we work with them to sell their products.  We totally believe in their fast shipping (we’ve actually used it ourselves many times) within a matter of a few business days our products are delivered discreetly.

Wicked Temptations (Men)

wickedtemptationWhat really attracted Jay and I to this site was the fact that they have a wide variety of lingerie, not just for women but for men also.  Yes, they have have sex toys too, but their lingerie and underwear selection is really impressive.

I also really love the tag line, just being honest here – “Shop Today, Get Wicked Tomorrow”.  How cool is that.