Sexual Positions to Impress Your Man


stick-figureThe discovery of the Kama Sutra by the western world has revolutionized our positions; our sexual positions.  To bring spice into your relationship you can use different sexual positions to impress your man.  In fact, people in general are becoming more and more colorful with sex. Vanilla sex such as missionary style is so passé. But does changing sexual positions to impress your man actually make a difference in the overall sexual experience? Does it really impress him at all?


Jay and I have tried and tested a variety of positions and contortions and have put the Kama sutra in the shade.  I’ve certainly instigated a lot of different ways to impress my man.  Some positions undoubtedly add to the physical pleasure, others have enhanced the level of intimacy between  us, while others were mere adventures, experiments on the possibilities and limits to the human body and the imagination.  

Physical or Intimacy?

Jay and I differ slightly in our approach.  While I usually go for intimacy, Jay goes straight for pleasure.  Now don’t get me wrong, nothing is more mind blowing and intimate for me than seeing my partner in the throws of ecstasy, especially knowing that I’m the cause.  But I still love a good long cuddle any day.   In fact, science proves that through the release of oxytocin, a hormone generated in the brain, cuddling and other forms of intimacy, lead to the development of loving and lifelong bonds between two partners.  But while cuddling is a luxury for some, sex, like eating, breathing and sleeping, is a necessity for the majority of us. 

 Is it Just Wishful Thinking?

But why is experimenting with different sexual positions so important to modern society?  Well, it has a lot to do with our main sexual organ – the brain.  The human mind, creative and genius, pushes the limit of the imagination and blurs the line between reality and wishful thinking.  Be honest, many times our obsession with size, position, unusual places to do it, and who to do it with, all stem from our imagination.   Have you ever created vivid imagery in your mind of how a situation or action will play out?  The details, colors, circumstances and sounds dance around your imagination in kaleidoscopic cinematography. Then comes the disappointment. It usually isn’t bad, sometimes it’s even great, but many times it never ends up exactly as you envisioned it.  So trying different positions follows the same train of thought.   It’s either not as wonderful as you thought or you realize that doing it upside down, swinging from a harness while playing Beathovens 5th symphony on your violin, while simultaneously drinking a glass of Merlot just isn’t possible.  But it is certainly a lot of fun trying it.  

So, do it how ever you want.  Be safe. And of course, have lots of fun.  Be playful about it.  Sex, and life in general, is meant to be a joyous ride.  And it’s so much fun when you ride it real good.  

So, what’s your favorite position? What weird positions have you tried out lately.  We’d like to hear from you.  Send us a note in the comment box below.

8 Comments to Sexual Positions to Impress Your Man

  1. Gulsah says:

    I’m a female but still found this website entertaining. Everything is very well written and Im definitely the more intimate one in my relationship, my partner is the one that goes more for pleasure so I can relate for sure.

    • Kay says:

      Glad to hear from you Gulash.

      I know what you mean. I’m in the same boat but, I think it’s better like that. The differences is what makes a relationship interesting. So maybe once in a while you’d have mind blowing sex and then another time a really nice long love making or cuddling. So it’s always great to mix things up and having different personalities certainly help.

      All the best


  2. Dee says:

    Hello Jay & Kay

    Very insightful article on sexual positions. I hadn’t personally read anything regarding cuddling before this but I do know from personal experience that cuddling makes me feel things, whether it be before, during or after sex. I appreciated the personal touch that you’ve added to the article. Looking forward to reading more in future.

    Do you offer a friendly service, in other words will there be articles in future focus on homosexual relationships amongst other forms?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Dee,

      Yes cuddling can be amazing and it’s a great part of intimacy. The site is geared to men in general but yes there will be specific articles relating to gay relationships / sex. I’m working on my next article – Does Size really Matter. Hope you like it.



  3. Daniel says:

    Cool, what an interesting article about your experience and your view about sex positions. To be honest, in this case I am more a conservative guy because I love having sex with my girlfriend obviously and all the things that happens in my body and brain. As you wrote it, it is a great feeling of intimacy and I can´t say that I am bored by “normal” sex positions. For me boosting your sex is the way the world goes: Everything has to be better and faster and so on…I don´t like this way in many cases because sex with a person you love is great, just only feeling the person you love is so great that I don´t need a boost on it. But of course, a new sexposition could be interesting – from time to time 😉


    • admin says:

      Totally agree with your Daniel. As indicated in the article sex is predominantly a brain game. And nothing blows your mind more that deep love for your partner. Sex is meant to be a joyous and fun expression of love and intimacy. So if you AND your girlfriend are having fun, then great, you’re doing it right. But as you said, nothing’s wrong with trying a few things from time to time. It actually makes things interesting. Jay and I are pretty ‘normal’ when it comes to sex. At least we think so. I guess normal is based on what you perceive to be normal. One person’s normal might be another’s freaky, kinky fetish. Just be loving and playful about it.

      All the best


  4. Godlove says:

    wow I love the way you presented the article . so pleasant to go through and understand . I personally will prefer my baby to satisfy me int he best way she can because it is on of the ways to show me that I all belong to her and she can do what so ever she ones with me. She must of the times select the positions but for me the just seem new every day which really smoothing things up though.
    more success

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments. We believe that sex can be a really liberating experience and bring two souls together in ways that other forms of activities cannot. And there’s nothing better that satisfying and being satisfied by the person who means the whole world to you.

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