Sex Ideas for Long Distance Relationships


Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?  Well, if you have, you probably know first hand that they can be quite challenging.   This post will present you with some sex ideas for long distance relationships.


Jay and I are away from each other quite frequently.  The line of work that I’m in often requires me to travel abroad for days and weeks at a time.  Jay’s a sweetheart and never complains, but I know that it is challenging for him, as it is for me.  Apart from being physically away from the person you love, there is also the lack of intimacy.  To be quite frank, the absence of sex can be frustrating. However, technology has always been around to lend a helping hand.



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Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Technology in Long Distance Relationships!

As you are full aware, technology has transformed our lives in a radical way.  And people have always found ways to sexualize new technology and use it to make long distance relationships more palatable.  When telephones were the mainstream technology they were used in long distance relationships, not only to communicate, but also for intimate moments.  Ever heard of phone sex?  Then, with the dawn of the Internet, adult websites started to pop up everywhere.  Watching adult movies can fill the void at a very basic level but it only goes so far.  It get’s old and boring real fast.


Technology has transformed communication in long distance relationships over time.  And the Internet is the main culprit.  Love emails replaced love letters. Text messages (commonly known as sexting today) replaced love notes. Remember getting little sticky notes on the fridge that said, “I love you”?  Now you get WhatsApp messages sent to your phone.  Then webcams came along and applications such as, Skype and FaceTime, replaced phone sex.  These are all examples of technology has changed communication in long distance relationships.  Could you imagine how costly your phone bill would be if you had to make international or long distance calls everyday to your loved one.  In our case, Jay and I communicate with each other at least twice a day when we’re apart.   We truly use all the technology available to us – Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and if all else fails, we use the good old mobile phone.


Technological Changes of Communication in Long Distance Relationships


For us, telephone sex is lame. We’ve tried it and it’s just so boring and frustrating – you can’t see or touch the other person. And trying to sound sexy on the phone can be forced at times.  We’ve even used Skype, which is a little better, at least you get to see each other, but it’s just not the same as being physically present with your loved one.  I guess nothing could truly bridge that divide.  But it is certainly better today to stay in touch than it was twenty-five years ago.  This certainly makes long distance relationships more bearable and manageable. In long distance relationships communication is the key.  The key lesson is to do whatever it takes to stay in touch and stay connected, and technology can help you a lot.  But hi-tech can never replace high touch. Or can it?



In long distance relationships communication is the key



Welcome to the Age of Teledildonics!

Technology continues to push the envelope.  Not only can you hear and see your loved one who might be thousands of miles away, but technology has now introduced the sense of touch in long distance communication.  Introducing the amazing world of teledildonics – telecommunication + dildo + electronics.  So in essence, teledildonics allows long distance partners to engage in remote sex where tactile sensations are communicated over cyberspace between the participants.  Basically each partner gets to control the sexual sensations of the other through connected devices or sex toys.  The video below gives a brief description of teledildonics.




To say that teledildonics technology is revolutionizing long distance intimacy will be an understatement.  If you are in a long distance relationship or you and your partner live apart, then teledildonics is definitely recommended by us.  Most teledildonic products are a bit on the pricey side, considering that there are usually two toys in the mix.  But they are definitely worth it.  What is even more interesting is that companies, such as Lovense, have created teledildonics for all relationship types.  Max was developed for men and Nora for women.  For a male same sex relationship you could go with Max + Max, or Nora + Nora for female same sex partners.  Of course you can pair Max and Nora for heterosexual couples. Also, each product could be used on its own for solo fun.  So lots of possibilities.



Check out this full description and detailed explanation of Max and Nora products by clicking on the respective images below:


Max – High Tech Male Masturbator Nora – Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator
lovense-max lovense-nora

12 Comments to Sex Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

  1. Roman says:

    Honestly would have never thought of that. I mean, you’d probably have to be in a pretty committed relationship for this to work (I couldn’t see people who’ve only been dating for a short while springing for this tech, for instance), but it is the closest thing you’re gonna get to being intimate with your partner. The only downside is no cuddling afterwards, but I suppose that can be saved for when you’re both in the same place.

    • admin says:

      Hi Roman,

      I totally agree with everything you said. First of all, this isn’t for new relationships. There’s got to be some level of commitment otherwise you could simply get another girlfriend or boyfriend, right? There’s an expense involved that only serious, committed partners will consider. But long distance relationships on a whole only ever work for partners who are totally committed to each other and to the relationship. The sex toy for long distance relationships is really for people who are in it for the long haul.

      And as for cuddling, no one loves a good cuddle better than me, but the next best thing will have to do. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

      All the best and thanks for your comment.

  2. R says:

    Hi K, it is indeed interesting how technology is transforming every part of our lives. I was in a long distance relationship once so I understand the need for connection. As with all new things I think it is going to take a while for people to take it on board. I do have a question about the long-term effects of electronic stimulation. I wonder whether any research was done on it.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comments. I think it will catch on. With regards to the long term effects of stimulation – prolonged over stimulation could lessen the sensitivity of the male and female glans. There is also the risk that from a pure pleasure perspective either partner could become dependent on the toy. But once there is true love present in the relationship and the physical is not the only reason for being together then there should be no problem at all.

  3. Maurice says:

    I was never much into toys, nor long distance relationships. But for those who are, I see how one is compelled to indulge in the use of tech devices when apart. The techniques, suggestions, and applications you show here can and probably does keep the fire in a relationship from going out.

    • Kay says:

      Hi Maurice,

      Thanks for your comment. When two persons in a relationship want to make it work, they can. There are so many tools, techniques and toys to make long distance relationships work.

  4. Byron says:

    Interesting. I think I’d seen mention of this before but can’t say I’d looked into it too much. Been with my wife for 9 years now and due to moving around for work, we’ve spent many a night apart. Not sure how keen she’d be to try this out though. Any suggestions for broaching the subject with her? I’m not sure she’s the toy kind of person.

    • Kay says:

      Dear Byron,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You’ve raised a very interesting issue. How to bring up using sex toys with your partner? Sometimes you just have to go for it. You might be surprised at how responsive she is to it. Once it’s not overly over the top or dangerous, you’d be surprise at what most partners are willing to do to please their mate. Take a leap of faith if you think it’s something that will help improve your relationship. You could try it as a Christmas gift or as an idea to spice things up for Valentines. She might actually like that. If you want it, she might very well go along and realize that she too likes it. But here’s what I will do. I will give this subject some more thought. I’ll discuss it with my partner Jay and do some research and I’ll do a post on that subject, because you’re not the first person to raise this issue.

      Thanks for sharing?

      All the best


  5. Nnamdi says:

    Teledildonics! This is certainly a new one for me. I know that distance relationships can be very very difficult and most often it leads to breakups. In as much as I will agree something needs to be done in order to bridge the gap, I still think that the idea of teledildonics is kind of weird and I don’t think it will be effective for my kind of person because I am not comfortable with it.

    However, that’s another milestone achievement.

    • Kay says:

      Hi Nnamdi,

      Thanks for your comments. I know that Teledildonics is not for everyone. Some people are comfortable with it. Others may not be. Also you find that people who are desperate to save their relationship will do and try anything, if they really value their relationship. So even if someone finds it weird they might very well try it out as a last attempt to keep their relationship alive. Sometimes we just have to move out of our comfort zone.

      Thanks for sharing

      All the best


  6. Adam says:

    I have to admire your creativity with this post. I’m curious how much the devices cost? I’m curious to see if this invention takes off.

    • Kay says:

      Dear Adam,

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting our site.

      Each device retails for around $99. In fact, the devices are selling like hot cakes. Consider that there are over 7 million Americans in long distance relationships, not to mention to solo applications. I also found out that there are some Adult Cam sites that are using them now. Imagine that. So they have taken off considerably.



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