Is Snapchat Spectacles the Hottest New Sex Toy in Town?



What is Snapchat Spectacles?


As you are probably well aware, Snapchat is a popular social media app with more than 150 million daily users who share videos and images (stories) with their friends and followers. But Snapchat is making sunglasses now. These glasses come with a built-in camera that can record video that can be posted later on Snapchat. They’re basically sunglasses that Snap.


Unlike Google Glasses, which died a natural death, the Snapchat Spectacles does not come with an inline display. The glasses just takes Snaps, which can be later viewed on your smartphone. This is just another line up in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Have you purchased the Snapchat Spectacles yet? If not you can get your pair at Amazon. They come in three basic colors – teal, black, and coral.

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Is Snapchat Spectacles the Hottest New Sex Toy?


Like the Snapchat app, these Spectacles are definitely going to be used for sex in some way or another. From the moment Snapchat came on the scene users have been utilizing the app to send and share sexy images and videos with their friends, online hookups and in their relationship. Snapchat Spectacles is being touted by some as the hottest new sex toy in town.


Snapchat is typically known for being a medium to share one’s life events and moments. However, don’t be surprised if the new Snapchat Spectacles presents a whole new opportunity for some users: the chance to shoot and share their sexual escapades. I guess we can start calling them the Snapchat Sextacles (did you get it? A spin on sex and testicles. I thought it was funny). Anyhow, this would make this new product the hottest new sex toy on the market – the first spectacles sex toy. I’m sure people have already found ways to use glasses in sex. For sure it’s been used as a sexual accessory for dress up or role play – the naughty English Teacher or the sexy nerd for example. But spectacles have never been used as a principal sex toy before.




The unique advantage that the Snapchat Spectacles gives you is that it records through the ‘eyes’ of the wearer. And apart from having to press the button to record for ten seconds (or more if pressed again), the spectacles will give you hands-free recording capability, which can come in real handy if trying to record a sexy video of your and your lover in bed. And you don’t have to worry about losing the shot because your hand shifted or the camera fell. The glasses sees what you see. As long as you keep looking in the right place you can record yourself getting your groove on. So, in essence, it’s supposed to be easier than a smartphone or camera and would make a really great addition to your closet of sex toys. Plus, unlike other sex toys, you can actually wear them in public and look cool.


unlike other sex toys you can actually wear them in public





We haven’t seen or used the Snapchat Spectacles – as yet. We may consider getting one in the future but there’s no guarantee that we will. But from the research we’ve done, Snapchat Spectacles as a sex toy is not too far fetched.


The popular media and entertainment company, Mashable, did a quick survey of 26 Snapchat Spectacles owners and found that the vast majority had not used their spectacles in the bedroom just yet. Though most of them at least thought about doing so. With over 150 million daily Snapchat users the Snapchat Spectacles will no doubt start selling like hot bread. And with such a large following, surely some of the users are already thinking about the sex toy potential of their new or planned Snapchat Spectacles.


Have you purchased the Snapchat Spectacles yet? If not you can get your pair at If you have indeed purchased your pair, we’d love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment below and tell us all about it.  Have you used your Spectacles to record your sessions in the sack?  We’d love to know that too.


Snapchat Spectacles have already begun showing up on Amazon.  Here are the top sellers below.





Positive Features


Snapchat Spectacles sync to Snapchat on Your Smartphone. Welcome to the world of connected wearable app-cessories. Snapchat Spectacles are a one-purpose gadget that syncs right into Snapchat to create a seamless connectivity between the app and the wearable device.


The case is also a charger. The blackout case is not just designed to protect and to draw attention with it’s bright yellow color, it is also a way to charge up the Snapchat Spectacles when not in use.


Snapchat Spectacles record circular video. The circular recording feature means you can view the video in landscape or portrait without the image moving. The 115-degree wide-angle camera captures video in a circular manner. So, if you view this video in the Snapchat app, you can look at it in horizontally, or vertically or diagonally for that matter. You can turn your phone in any orientation. The video is reframed as needed.


Possible Downsides


They’re priced like a novelty. Evan Spiegel, Snap Inc.’s CEO, calls them a “toy,” and starting at $130 per pair the Snapchat Spectacles are categorized in the novelty zone together with Amazon Echo and the more expensive Apple Watch. Many pairs of sunglasses already cost that much.


It only records 10 seconds of video at a time. Like quick-snaps for video, and much like what Snapchat already does. This isn’t a record-your-kid’s-whole-birthday-party set of camera glasses, unless you keep snapping 10 seconds at a time. To snap, you tap (the frames).




You can’t take a selfie. These are outward-facing camera-glasses, not inward. They’re glasses for snapping others, and capturing action shots. Kind of like a GoPro Camera. So that’s not so bad, right?


Snapchat Spectacles won’t make you look like a funny-bunny. Snapchat has a ridiculous set of image filters that map onto photos or videos to create crazy-looking and weirder versions of your already weird self (I’m the weirdest one LOL). The Snapchat Spectacles don’t do anything like augmented reality – yet. They don’t have video displays. These are just camera glasses. However, videos recorded via the Spectacles could have filters applied afterward in the Snapchat app.


Get your Snapchat Spectacles at Amazon while stocks last.

6 Comments to Is Snapchat Spectacles the Hottest New Sex Toy in Town?

  1. Jerome says:

    This is actually a cool wearable tech. I see there is somewhat of a following already. I’m sure more improvement ie styles, colors etc is in the making as with all the other wearable tech. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Jerome,

      Yeah, some of he reviews we got was that the range of styles were too limited but I think you are right. They will bring some different styles out, if they are really listening to their market.

  2. Justin says:

    Wow, what a cool idea. I have used Snapchat for online hookups. Basically, before I meet the girl and have some fun. But, I didn’t have any idea that these glasses were worn and could actually take the video. I like to tape my sex tapes, but I am not a fan of holding a camera.

    I did have a question for you, though. How good is the quality of the video? Is it in HD?

    Really can’t wait to get the answer to these questions!

    • Kay says:

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your comment. These glasses are really cool. And yes, they do take great quality video. The video on the post was taken using the Snapchat Spectacles and as you can see it’s pretty awesome in quality.

      All the best.


  3. Daphne says:

    That’s interesting I don’t think the design is really “for everyone” but I’m sure people will buy it like they buy anything social media related. Sex toy or not I don’t think it is super sexy to wear when you are naked haha. Will you buy a pair?

    • Kay says:

      I know what you mean Daphne. It would kind of weird seeing a 70 year old guy wearing one of these Spectacles. It’s really targeting the younger crowd. Actually Jay and I are considering getting a pair we’re super curious about its potential.

      All the best


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