Cobra Libre Male Masturbator

The Cobra Libre male masturbator comes in two versions the Cobra Libre I and the Cobra Libre II.  The Cobra Libre II is my preferred sex toy of the two.   It’s a perfect toy for edging.  It essentially stimulates the glands (head) of the penis in a rhythmic, vibrating sensation.  You can use it as a masturbatory tool, or with a partner during non-penetrative sex for a completely new kind of hand job.





Have you ever tried sticking you ‘thing’ in just about any hole or crevice?  Growing up as a teenager, I loved sticking mine in anything that would allow me.  It’s so much fun isn’t it?  I’ve tried just about everything – the vacuum is one that I can remember from my teenage days.  That wasn’t so much fun though.  But the Cobra Libre is something totally different.

Simple Toy to Use – But Follow the Instructions

The Cobra Libre is really a simple male sex toy to use, but you need to follow the instructions in order to achieve maximum benefit.  Being a typical male (well not so typical) I just opened the box with the intention of using it right away.  First of all you need to charge it properly.  Okay, so charging aside, I hit another snag.  Once charged, I tried starting the toy but it just wouldn’t.  Duh, I didn’t read the instructions.  There’s a safety mode that prevents the toy from accidentally starting.  Imaging the embarrassment of going through security at the airport with a vibrating carry on bag?  Everyone would think you had a vibrator inside.  And they’d be correct.  Anyway, you have to hold down the Fun button and the one immediately above it for about 4 seconds or so to unlock your pleasure device.  Once that hurdle was passed, everything was easy like pie.

Soft, Skin-Safe Silicone

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-10-37-08-amThe inside of the Cobra Libre massager is made up of a really soft, velvety material that is made of high quality silicone. The inside surrounds the tip of the penis in a really snug and cosy fashion.  And while the inner material is soft and skin safe, you still have to use lubrication.  I used a water based lube.  My preference is ID Glide, but you can use any water based lube of your choice.  Avoid greasy substances like lotion or vaseline.  This just makes cleaning up really difficult.  Also do not use silicone based lube as this could react with the silicone material.  Plus it’s not as easy to clean as water based lube.

A Vibrator Made Just for Men

From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head. This was a really intense but pleasurable feeling. I preferred to use the medium setting for a longer and more satisfying orgasm. The kind of stimulation that the Cobra Libre provides is not for everyone though.  Jay has a very sensitive glans and was not too thrilled with this toy.  It was a little too intense for him and so he would give it a thumbs down, simply for the fact that it only focuses on the head of the penis and nothing else.  The slow setting is just too slow in our view and the fastest setting pushes you over the edge a little too fast for my liking.  But if you want something a little more lasting then we recommend the medium setting.  But you can play around with the vibration settings and find the best option for you.

Designed Using German Technology

We all trust German technology.  Whether it’s a BMW, Mercedes Benz or a Porsche, German technology is built to last and to impress.  So the “Made in Germany” label is a good indicator that it is good quality.  It does not guarantee it though, as I’m sure not all things made in Germany are perfect.  But I’d rather go with “Made in Germany” over “Made in China”.  Sorry China.

Does not Mimic Real Sex

One of the down sides for me was that the Cobra Libre does not mimic real sex.  With an internal cavity of 3.5 inches in depth, there is little or no thrusting possible with the Cobra Libre.  There is just a vibrating or massaging sensation of the tip of the penis and about 2 to 2.5 inches of the shaft.  If you like to experience a thrusting, penetrating motion along your shaft, then you may want to consider another male masturbator, such as, a Fleshlight or the Kiiro. But if you just want to lie back and let your sex toy do all the work, then I suppose this toy will be perfect for you.

Really Easy to Clean

The Cobra Libre is really easy to clean.  First of all it is 100% waterproof.  Just don’t put it in water with the charger plugged in.  That’s a big no, no.  Just run the toy under the faucet.  Use warm water.  Do not use soap as this can degrade the silicone interior.  Use a sex toy cleaner to get rid of any unwanted bacteria.  Dry thoroughly after washing.  The great thing about the Cobra Libre is that you don’t need to apply any powder as in the case of the Fleshlight.  Once you are sure it’s completely dry, put your toy to recharge so that it will be ready to turn on when you are ready to get off.
100% Waterproof


The Cobra Libre is not cheap. I find it a bit high, but, quality is never cheap. Cobra Libre is in the class of Mercedes Benz and Porsche where sex toys are concerned.  High quality, superb pleasure, durability, safety and lots of fun are not cheap attributes. You have to pay for what you want. This is not a cheap knock-off made in China. German technology comes at a price. At around $130, the Cobra Libre is not a cost but an investment in your pleasure and personal safety.

10-Point Review of the Cobra Libre II

Our overall review is 8 out of 10 for the Cobra Libre II.

Pros: Rechargeable, Waterproof, Textured interior, Silicone based, Well designed, very durable, easy to clean, can be used solo or with a partner



Cons: Makes me orgasm fast sometimes. I just wish it was made deeper to encapsulate the whole penis. Make sure you don’t use it straight from the box because it needs a full charge for maximum pleasure.





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Where to Buy Cobra Libre

There are dozens of sex stores online these days.  So you can literally take your pick.  The prices are generally the same everywhere.  Here are some of our top three picks.

  1. Lovehoney: Price – $129.99
  2. Adult Shopping: Price – $129.99
  3. Amazon: Price – $129.99

4 Comments to Cobra Libre Male Masturbator

  1. Brian Pfalzgraf says:

    Could this be a hands free device I’m slowly starting to love mine

    • Kay says:

      Well, it could be. Just stick it between the mattress and the bed frame. Or under the cushion of the sofa. Just be creative about it.


  2. Anubhav says:

    That’s a very detailed review.
    I would prefer Kiiro rather than this!


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