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What is Teledildonics?

The term teledildonics refers to cybersex technology using computerized, remote-controlled sex toys to support long distance sexual interaction between two or more participants. It belongs to the touch-over-Internet arena. A basic example would help to better explain what is teledildonics. Let’s use Sam and Robert. Sam lives in New YorkRead More

Utimi Male Masturbation Sex Toy

Utimi Male Masturbation Cup

Overall Rating – 7.025 Price – $20 Where to get it at best price – The Utimi Male Masturbation Cup is a Fleshlight look-alike male sex toy.  It is made with a skin safe, hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and ABS. In essence, these materials are safe to use, durable,Read More

Apollo Alpha Stroker Male Masturbator

Apollo Alpha Stroker Male Masturbator 10-Point Review

If a Fleshlight and the Cobra Libre got together and had a baby, it would be the Apollo Alpha Stroker.  It has a similar interior look and design of a Fleshlight with the vibrational versatility and  pleasurability of a Cobra Libre. This male sex toy certainly met our expectations.  And the price isRead More

Cobra Libre Male Masturbator

The Cobra Libre male masturbator comes in two versions the Cobra Libre I and the Cobra Libre II.  The Cobra Libre II is my preferred sex toy of the two.   It’s a perfect toy for edging.  It essentially stimulates the glands (head) of the penis in a rhythmic, vibratingRead More

How to Buy a Fleshlight

10 Things You need to Know about How to Buy a Fleshlight

So you’re trying to figure out how to buy a Fleshlight (not to be confused with a flashlight), what to look for, which Fleshlight will best suit your needs.  Let me tell you, we never thought that buying a Fleshlight would be so confusing.   Deciding what is the bestRead More

How to Use a Dildo – A Step-by-step guide for Beginners

If you’re a guy (whether gay or straight) and you’ve never used a dildo before or are considering getting a dildo and don’t know how it works, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together 5 tips on how to use a dildo effectively. These tips are especially relevantRead More