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Sex is all about fun. But here are some fun articles and facts you didn’t know about sex.


Quiz: How Spicy is your Relationship?


8 Ways to Have a Threesome without a Third Person

In the summer of 2015, I had the privilege of spending three weeks in New York on holiday. Jay was stationed there for a few months and I decided to take advantage of that opportunity to spend some time with him there.  Well enough, we made a few friends andRead More

How to Buy a Fleshlight

10 Things You need to Know about How to Buy a Fleshlight

So you’re trying to figure out how to buy a Fleshlight (not to be confused with a flashlight), what to look for, which Fleshlight will best suit your needs.  Let me tell you, we never thought that buying a Fleshlight would be so confusing.   Deciding what is the bestRead More

Stronic Drei Pulsator Review

The JaynKay 10-Point Stronic Drei Pulsator Review You’d find that we provide the most comprehensive review on the net.  We have a number of features that make our reviews better than most.  With our ten point review system we analyze ten features or areas so that you get a detailed understanding ofRead More

Sex Toy Blasphemy?

Some people can become extreme and even offensive when it comes to sex.  A Spanish sex shop took blasphemy to a completely different level this Christmas by showcasing ceramic dildos depicting the nativity scene with baby Jesys, Mary, and Joseph.  See image below. Héctor Valdivielso, owner of Non Sit Peccatum (whichRead More

15 Strategies on How to Introduce Sex Toys in Relationships

One of our followers here at Jaynkay.com asked us some advice on how to broach the topic of sex toys in relationships.  He was interested, or at least curious, but was not sure if he could bring it up with his significant other.  So we decided to take a closerRead More

Is Snapchat Spectacles the Hottest New Sex Toy in Town?

    What is Snapchat Spectacles?   As you are probably well aware, Snapchat is a popular social media app with more than 150 million daily users who share videos and images (stories) with their friends and followers. But Snapchat is making sunglasses now. These glasses come with a built-inRead More

Does Size Really Matter?

So the other day Jay and I invited a close friend over for dinner.  And we told her all about our blog here at JaynKay.com and about our sex toys.  As the converstaion continued her interest grew and grew.  She was shooting questions left, right and centre.  She certainly gave us aRead More

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Using Sex Toys in a Relationship

  Benefits of Using Sex Toys in a Relationship Some people believe that sex toys are for single people or when alone. But using sex toys in a relationship can be very rewarding. If you use adult sex toys when your partner isn’t around, then you’re missing a huge opportunityRead More

Sexual Positions to Impress Your Man

  The discovery of the Kama Sutra by the western world has revolutionized our positions; our sexual positions.  To bring spice into your relationship you can use different sexual positions to impress your man.  In fact, people in general are becoming more and more colorful with sex. Vanilla sex such as missionary styleRead More