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How to Overcome Sexual Shame

Overcoming sexual shame is not an easy thing. Shame is built on a deep-seated foundation of beliefs (thoughts that you think over and over). For me, overcoming sexual shame was not an easy task. In fact, it is an issue I still struggle with to this very day. And growingRead More

How to clean a fleshlight

A 7 Step Guide on How to Clean A Fleshlight

The first thing to know about how to clean a Fleshlight is that the inner sleeve is made of a special material called super skin, which is made to feel like real skin. Like your skin the material is quite ‘sensitive’ and you need to be careful of what productsRead More

How to Buy a Fleshlight

10 Things You need to Know about How to Buy a Fleshlight

So you’re trying to figure out how to buy a Fleshlight (not to be confused with a flashlight), what to look for, which Fleshlight will best suit your needs.  Let me tell you, we never thought that buying a Fleshlight would be so confusing.   Deciding what is the bestRead More

15 Strategies on How to Introduce Sex Toys in Relationships

One of our followers here at asked us some advice on how to broach the topic of sex toys in relationships.  He was interested, or at least curious, but was not sure if he could bring it up with his significant other.  So we decided to take a closerRead More

What is a Fleshlight

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbation toy that is designed to mimic ‘real’ sexual intercourse by imitating the different orifices (openings) of the human body typically used for sex such as the vagina, anus and mouth.   The fleshlight bears its name because on the outer casing (3). It looks like aRead More

How to Use a Dildo – A Step-by-step guide for Beginners

If you’re a guy (whether gay or straight) and you’ve never used a dildo before or are considering getting a dildo and don’t know how it works, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together 5 tips on how to use a dildo effectively. These tips are especially relevantRead More