best exercises to improve sex life

Best Exercises to Improve your Sex Life

In general, exercise is great for a fit and healthy body. But doing regular exercise and keeping fit also has benefits in bed too. Having a fit and healthy body means you will be a better performer in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. You will last longer and have more stamina. And your partner will love you for it. This article looks at the best exercises to improve your sex life.

While exercise in general, will do the trick, there are some specific ones that can work magic for your sex life. We like to call these sexercises.

Doing exercises that target your glutes, that focus on creating more flexibility and that increase stamina are all essential areas to concentrate on when developing a sexercise routine. Here are a few sexercises that will help you make the right moves in bed.

1. Sexercises for Better Glutes

The mother of all sexercises is the hip thrust. This exercise specifically targets the gluteus maximus, informally known as the glute, and strengthen the hips or pelvic area, which are commonly used during sex. Fitness master, Scott Herman, explains how to do hip thrusts the right way. As the name suggests, hip thrusts involve, well, thrusting your hips. Here’s what Scott says. First, you’d need an exercise bench that’s just the height of your shoulder blades. You can use your bed. It has the right height and the right length. Ideally, the bench should be long enough to accommodate the length of your outstretched arms. Sit on the floor, back straight and legs outstretched. Lean against the bench, shoulders touching. Extend your arms across the bench. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet firmly on the floor. Then thrust your hips upwards. Ensure that your knees remain at a 90-degree angle and your back and thighs are straight and parallel to the floor. Tighten and squeeze your glutes as you thrust upwards. Repeat, doing 5 sets of 12. The video below gives a great demonstration of the hip thrust, with Scott Herman.

2. Yoga for Better Sex

Yoga has been touted by many sex experts (sexperts) as an essential sexercise.  It increases flexibility and we all know how important it is to be limber during sex, especially when you want to try out more complex sex positions. If you’ve never done yoga before, don’t worry. You can start out slowly with simple positions and work your way up. Some yoga is much better than none. Creator of the P90X system, Tony Horton, explains that yoga is an important component of any exercise routine, whether you are looking to bulk up or lose weight. He admits that as he approaches the prime of his life it is not pull ups, but yoga that allows him to do things that other men his age have difficulty in doing. You see, flexibility is important for the body. It is also important for sex. Yoga positions, such as, the cat/cow stretch, the downward facing dog, the pigeon and the baby pose, can all assist in improving flexibility over time for a better sex experience. Here’s a short video from Man Flow Yoga, that demonstrates 10 yoga exercises to help improve your sex life.

3. Strength Training to Make you a Sex Animal

Strength training can also be useful for a better sex life. Becoming stronger, especially if you are thin, underweight and lack sufficient muscle tone, will allow you to better manhandle your partner during sex (if that’s what floats your boat, you tiger). Flexed curls and squats mean you can spice things up in bed by holding your partner upright. Different pushup styles and a strong core will provide you with upper-body strength and stamina when you’re on top.

squats sexercise

4. Kegel Exercises for a More Powerful Orgasm

Kegel exercises can help you in your sex life. If you’ve never heard of the Kegel exercise, don’t worry. Doing Kegel exercises is pretty simple. Here’s how it works. Kegel exercises help strengthen your PC or pubococcygeus muscle. The PC muscle is a concave shaped muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. It is the main muscle of the pelvic cavity and supports the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, small bowels, and rectum in both men and women; the uterus and vagina in women; supports the control and force of ejaculation in men; and has even been touted to increase the intensity of orgasms.

Identifying the PC muscle is easy. Have you ever had to stop the flow of urine just as you’re in the middle of urinating? The muscle you use to stop urine flow is the PC muscle. If you can do that then you can do Kegel exercises. Just squeeze and release your PC muscle repeatedly. Try 5 reps of 30 squeezes in the morning or just about any time. Dr. Hernando Chaves, in his comprehensive article on Kegel exercises, says that you can do them while brushing your teeth and again throughout the day, as often as you like. You could even do Kegels while you’re sitting in the car or at your desk. It’s that easy.

Once you develop a stronger PC muscle you’d be able to control your ejaculation. Just as with the stoppage of urine flow, you’d be able to master stopping an orgasm better than before. Ever reached the point of no return and know that there’s nothing you can do to stop from ejaculating? We’ve all been there, right? Strengthening your PC muscle will give you better control to help you delay the point of no return, even if you’re almost on the edge.

5. Use Stamina Training Unit to Last Longer in Bed

Although not an exercise per se, using the Stamina Training Unit is a fun and safe way to help get rid of premature ejaculation or just help men last longer in bed. And if you do it rigorously, I bet you’d burn a few calories too. If sexual stamina is what you’re looking for, then the Stamina Training unit is exactly what you need.  The Stamina Training Unit or STU for short, is a Fleshlight sex toy designed specifically for men who want to learn to last longer during sex. With regular use of the STU Fleshlight you can say goodbye to premature ejaculation and hello to being a long-lasting stud in the sack.

As the name suggests, the STU increases sexual stamina, but it involves training over a period of time. As with any exercise, you cannot expect results overnight. One user in the Fleshlight forum revealed that he saw a 180% improvement in his sexual stamina in just two weeks. When he started using the STU, it took him 2.5 minutes to reach climax. After two weeks of using the STU in a systematic manner, he was able to last up to 7 minutes. While his little ‘sexperiment’ isn’t significant to be considered scientific, it does say something about using the STU to last longer during sex.

Have a look at this comprehensive review of the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight.


45 Comments to Best Exercises to Improve your Sex Life

  1. Great information, get back to the basics….. 🙂 Have a great sex life…at any age. 🙂 Thanks

  2. Fathan says:

    This is definitely a great article! Exercise = blood flow, so I do believe these techniques wholeheartedly. Thanks for the great Info. Keep it up!

  3. ht says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have to say I never knew there are so many ways and things I can do to improve this area of my life. Good job

  4. Tobias says:

    as I practice yoga regularly, I can confirm that it enhances your body strenght, flexibility and consciousness. I think every exercise which trains body awareness is also suitable to have a better sex life. Strenght and awareness are a good combination. Have you already tried western tantra?

    • Kay says:

      Hi Tobias, Thanks for your comment. You are totally correct. Yoga and any exercise generally have positive benefits on your sex life. I have to admit I have not tried tantra. Although I have been a little more than curious about it. Do you recommend it? How does it work? Does it have positive effects on sexuality and general health.



  5. Nicole says:

    Hi Kay,

    Great article here. I totally believe all of this. I haven’t worked out in a while but I did notice when I was working out I had more energy and lasted longer in bed. I will take all of this information and get right again. Thanks

    • Kay says:

      HI Nicole,

      Glad that you’ve noticed a difference between working out and not working out and the effects that exercise can have on your sex life. Let us know hot things work out.


      Jay & Kay

  6. Ronnie Jordan says:

    Thanks, Kay. It is pretty true that working out increases performance in everything we do physically. I must admit I had np idea about the PC muscle. I know that riding my bike all the time gives me endurance that I might not otherwise have. I will try the workout on that and monitor the difference physically. I use to think yoga wasn’t all that physically helpful but I guess it does has it’s effect on you physically.
    Good information. Thanks again.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Ronnie,

      I am glad to know that you are keeping physically fit through cycling. Any activity like cycling, swimming or running can help increase stamina and that certainly helps in the bedroom. I’m not surprised at you comment concerning yoga. Yoga is totally misunderstood, but it really is useful. You know how they always say that you need to stretch after exercising? Well, guess what. Those stretches are in fact yoga poses. So you’re probably already incorporating yoga in your exercise routine already without knowing it.

  7. Nicole says:

    Great article! I love how it is reaching people on important topics in a different way. Yes-your sex life is important and this explains it in a healthy way. Great job! Great website!

    • Kay says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Our objective is to help people enjoy sex and to spice up their relationship. We also want to help people change their perspectives on the topic of sex and other taboo subjects such as sex toys, particularly sex toys for men. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Grace says:

    This list of exercises is great! Didn’t know that so many different types of exercises can play a role in having better sex. It’s amazing how your body can build and be more flexible with such exercises like yoga. I really gotta add yoga more into my life.

    Thanks for your info!

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Grace for your comment. Yes, you will be better off adding yoga to your routine. Start with the basics though and you will be surprised at its effects, especially in your sex life.

  9. Will says:

    Excellent articles. I’m going to start trying those exercises and see the effects! 🙂

    • Kay says:

      Glad you liked our article on Best Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life. Let us know how it works. Hope you have fun trying out the effects.

  10. Udoh says:

    Thank you for the tips. I have tried yoga and kegel before and I think it may be time to try the others. I have to agree that doing yoga over time increases strength and flexibilty.

  11. sandra says:

    Love the hip thrust exercise!Going to start working on that at the training studio tomorrow!

  12. Nick says:

    I am 46 years old and you know what they say about us guys over 40 I am looking for every edge I can to keep up with my wife because she is not slowing down at all. In fact having just gone through menopause I don’t even get the one week a month off to recover anymore. These sexersises should give me a chance to keep keeping up thanks for the heads up. Do you have any other tips? I really think I might need them.

  13. Mani Y says:

    Hi Kay,

    This is really a great post. I was little shy to read such posts but I’m glad that I went ahead and read your post. The exercises that you have listed are very clearly explained with the help of videos. I’m sure going to try some of the exercises that you have listed. Thank you.

    Manivannan Y

  14. Daumantas says:


    I never heard that you can improve your sex life like this. I really enjoyed reading this article. Will give it a try. LOL 😀

    • Kay says:

      Hi Daumantas,

      Thanks for checking us out. Many people do not see the connection between exercise and living a healthy life on the one hand and a great and active sex life on the other. They are both related. DO give the sexercises a try and we hope you enjoy the benefits. LOL ?

      All the best


  15. Hi Kay,really enjoyed your post on Kegal excercise. I definitely need to strengthen my PC muscle and will give it a go. I have been doing hip thrusts as part of my excercises for running and I benefit greatly from them. Kind Regards, Trev.

    • Kay says:

      Hey Trev,
      Many people underestimate the importance of exercises or as we call them, sexercises. Whether it’s Kegels or hip thrusts, sexercises are good for you and they are fun. Plus you get to have a healthy and happy sex life as a result

      All the best


  16. Kevin says:

    Interesting article. I have always found kegel exercises to work wonders for both me and the Mrs!


    • Kay says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment. Kegel exercises are always useful and they are so easy to do. And there are benefits for both men and women too.

  17. Benjamin Lim says:

    Great article! Definitely have to agree with you on yoga. I started doing yoga for about 2 years now and I must say, improvements are noticeable. I didn’t know about these other workouts, will try it! The best part is that it doesn’t sound as intense as other workouts like P90X. Does the fleshlight feel the same? If it doesn’t, will it still be good practice? Thanks for the tip!

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comments Benjamin. I’m glad that you have noticed positive results from doing yoga. It is really a misunderstood practice. Most men feel that yoga is for women or for softer guys. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      While most Flashlights are created to closely feel like the same thing, the Stamina Training Unit is a little bit different. It is specially designed to be a little more intense than the real thing. The internal sleeve is very texturized with its of bumps and nodes. The purpose is to overstimulate the penis, so that over time, you’d be able to prolong orgasm. Most guys who suffer from premature ejaculation is mostly due to an over sensitive penis. The STU helps ‘normalized’ that sensitivity so that you can last longer in bed. Hope that answers your question. This article gives you more info on the Stamina Training Unit –

      All the best


  18. Leo says:

    Great exercise tips. I realized that exercising is really the key to better and longer sex performance. Before I started working out I realize I have various issues. I even pant if I walked for a period of time (I was at 24%body fat) not to mention about lasting in the bedroom! Ever since I started working out, I find that I had improved energy and do everything much better 🙂 I recommend to do everything inclusive of yoga and strength training to build up the overall fitness. You will find amazing results!

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Leo for sharing your story. Yes, when you exercise you do notice improvements in your overall health and you do perform better where sex is concerned. Have you found that you are able to last longer in bed as well?



  19. Eric Cantu says:

    I think everyone is suddenly doing kegal exercises while reading your blog now. lol

    that was an easy read. Thanks for the tips!

    • Kay says:

      LOL. You’re so funny Eric. But yes, they are easy to do and everyone and anyone can do them. I’m sure a few of our readers might thank me for the small but useful advice later down the road when they start seeing the benefits.

      All the best


  20. Andrew G says:

    Thats an amazing article considering something like the kegel exercise really takes little effort. I was honestly expecting something a lot more strenuous, cumbersome, or plain tiresome, weary on the body, such as some of those core body type workouts, but this is the best way I suppose to go at it right where you need it.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Andrew. It’s really about balance. I’d imagine that someone who is all round unhealthy, with high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure would gain little to no benefits from just doing Kegel exercises. But I suppose it won’t hurt to do something rather than nothing. However, someone who is already in good shape would gain great benefits from doing Kegel exercises.

  21. Brandon says:

    A great article from an expert! Well done. I like the hip flex exercise you mentioned, and the video really explains how to improve it by a lot. I chuckled when you said “the mother of all sexercises” haha.

    I often do weights. But I focus more on building muscle rather than strength, do I still gain the benefits to being a sex animal? Lol


    • Kay says:

      Dear Brandon,

      Thanks for your comments. Any exercise is certainly beneficial for your body and a healthy body means better sex. If you are focused on strength then there are benefits of that where sex is concerned. You’d be better able to lift, hold and ‘manhandle’ your lover (if your partner likes being ‘manhandled’ LOL). But, yes, strength training will be beneficial for sex. However, you have to be careful of what supplements you take as these can affect your testosterone levels, which in turn could affect your sex life. Hope this answer helps.

      All the best


  22. Neil Brooks says:

    Hi Kay, another very interesting article and fun read.

    I have been thinking about doing yoga class at the local gym actually, partly to help my general level of wellness as I approach my 50s, partly because the whole class is filled with great gals (my missus goes) who I know will tutor me and help me along, and now, so I can stay fit for my bedroom life…



    • Kay says:

      Great going Neil. Yoga is actually really good for you. It is one of the most understated and misunderstood practices today. It’s not just about chanting OMs all day. You can really get a good sweat going. And you find muscles and joints you never even knew you had. And did you know that the Kama Sutra could be considered a form of yoga? So yes, yoga is really great for your body in general but it can also helo you out in the bedroom to be more flexible and increase your stamina as well.

      Hope you have fun at your yoga classes and even more fun in the bedroom.



  23. Rosa says:

    Hi Jay and Kay,

    I liked the exercise demonstrations from the videos. They look easy to do but I think a little more work in working the muscles. Great post.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks Rosa. Exercising can be easy, simple and fun. And yes some more muscle work won’t hurt. Hope you at least take away something from the post.

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