Ask Jay & Kay

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to share anonymously and confidentially, please leave us a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What kind of questions or topics can you cover?

1. I think I might be gay, bisexual or transgendered.  I need someone to talk to anonymously and confidentially.


2. I need to know more information about a particular post?  (Please include the title or link to the post.)


3. I need to know more about a sexual health issue.  Can you help?


4. I’m considering buying a new sex toy and need some advice.


5. I need information on a specific sex toy your reviewed.  (Please include the name of the toy or the link to the review)


6. I need a review done on a sex toy I want to buy.  Can you publish a review please?


7. I bought a sex toy and don’t know how to use it, please help.


8. I want to introduce sex toys / sex play in my relationship but I don’t know how to bring it up.  Please help.