Apollo Alpha Stroker Male Masturbator

Apollo Alpha Stroker Male Masturbator 10-Point Review

alpha stroker male masturbator reviewIf a Fleshlight and the Cobra Libre got together and had a baby, it would be the Apollo Alpha Stroker.  It has a similar interior look and design of a Fleshlight with the vibrational versatility and  pleasurability of a Cobra Libre. This male sex toy certainly met our expectations.  And the price is not too bad (less than $100).


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Pleasurable Vibrations

Both Jay and I have tried the Apollo Alpha Stroker male masturbator and believe me, it’s amazing.  This is one of my personal favorites.  The Apollo Alpha Stroker male masturbator has a couple advantages over other male sex toys.  For one thing, it vibrates, with multiple settings.  And because it has 30 different vibration patterns you can have fun trying them all out. I don’t think I’d ever use all of them but just knowing that I could mix it up anytime I want was good to know.  When you buy something knowing you have options and additional benefits, it gives the product good value, even if you never use all features.  Once you try out a few vibrational settings you quickly realize what you like most.  Jay thinks, they’re all just slightly different.  There’s a memory chip inside the Alpha Stroker, which saves your favorite setting for when you turn the stroker back on.  And the cool thing is that once you’ve found the settings that’s right for you, you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what it was again.  The built-in memory chip allows you to start from the place you last got off.  This was a neat feature for me.

Combines the Best Design Features of Some of our Favorite Sex Toys

While the inner sleeve is not exactly the same of a Fleshlight, (I personally think that the Fleshlight is a better quality and feel).  But the Alpha Stroker inner sleeve is not too far off.  It’s just a bit squishy sounding and feels less ‘real’ than a Fleshlight.  But it’s good quality material (TPR/TPE).  Compared to the Cobra Libre (another of our favorites), it has one particular advantage in my book – it’s got depth.   The length of the internal canal is about 7.5 inches.  So most guys would not have a problem using this toy.  Neither Jay nor I had any problems and we like to think we’re slightly above average. So this makes for a more pleasurable experience.  I liked the fact that I could actually thrust in and out if I wanted or just leave it in place and let the toy do the hard work.

Apollo alpha stroker

I was surprised at how light weight it felt (less than 2 pounds).  The ergonomic design was a big win for me.  The handle allows for multiple positions using the toy.   You can hold it by the small handle or your can just wrap your hands around the main body to get a good grip of things and really work on it.  The downside is that the interior material is not as pliable (did I use this word in the right context?) as the Cobra Libre or the Fleshlight, so we had to use a good bit of water based lube, both in the sleeve and on ourselves.  It also has pressure sensitive squeeze pads to customize tightness of the inner sleeve.  This was a cool feature for us.

Another great feature is that it has a USB charger cable.  This means you could literally stick it in anywhere and get powered up.  There are also a number of power speeds.  So you could go real slow or speed thing up with a super vibration.  Be careful though or you won’t last long, take it from me.  But it gives a really explosive orgasm.   You’re certain to have fun with this one.  Just writing about it makes me want to pull it out of the cupboard and give it a good go.  Oh well, maybe later.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another feature I liked was that you could remove the internal sleeve. This is useful for cleaning, but it has another advantage. It could be used on it’s own for a more ‘hands on’ experience.  So it’s like having two toys in one.  Isn’t that cool?  The product is listed as being 100% waterproof.  However, we would rather say that it is splash proof and not waterproof.  You could use it in the shower but we do not recommend submerging it in water.  Definitely DO NOT use it in the shower while plugged in to the electric socket.

The Alpha Stroker is made of a thermo plastic rubber / elastomer (TPR/TPE).  It’s similar to silicone but more plasticky in feel.  Hence the squishiness.  But this material cannot be boiled like the Fleshlight sleeve.  To disinfect use soap and/or sex toy cleaner.

Another disadvantages is that the sleeve is not open-ended like the Fleshlight, so you cannot flush water through it.  We tried turning it inside out to rinse it properly, but this is a bit tricky.  IF you do this you’d have to be extra careful not to create any tears in the opening.  But what we recommend is to turn on your faucet on the highest setting and just let the water jet around for a bit to get everything out.  Best to do this immediately after use or at least within a few hours.  Try not to let your fluids dry inside as this makes cleaning a little more difficult.  If this happens, just soak the sleeve in some warm water for about 5-10 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Our Rating Using the 10-Point System

Our Rating of the Alpha Stroker is 7.1/10.  See full breakdown ion the diagram below.

Pros: Rechargeable, splash proof, Textured interior, sleeve is made of Thermo Plastic Rubber (not sure what that is but it feels great), It’s properly designed, seems relatively durable, can be used solo or with a partner, deep design for ideal thrusting.

Cons: Makes me orgasm too fast sometimes. The 30 speed vibrations are too similar.  Cleaning can be a hassle, but it’s not too bad.  Be sure to use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use to avoid any skin infections.  You need to use lots of waterbed lube.

alpha stroker male masturbator review alpha stroker male masturbator review

Where to Buy the Alpha Stroker?

You can get the Apollo Alpha Stroker at the following online retail outlets:

Adult Shopping online store


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