How to clean a fleshlight

A 7 Step Guide on How to Clean A Fleshlight

The first thing to know about how to clean a Fleshlight is that the inner sleeve is made of a special material called super skin, which is made to feel like real skin. Like your skin the material is quite ‘sensitive’ and you need to be careful of what products and chemicals you put on it. Cleaning your fleshlight is quite easy as long as you use the right chemicals and do it the right way.


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Here’s a 7 step guide on how to clean a Fleshlight:


1. Always clean your Fleshlight immediately after each use.  Do not let it stay for too long otherwise cleaning will become more complicated.  Dry bodily fluids are unattractive, smelly and attract bacteria after time.  So you want to avoid that completely. At the very least you should clean your Fleshlight within 24 hours after use.  We understand that you probably might have a good session in the night before bed time and clean up is not your top priority.  Just try to remember to do so by the next morning.

2. Use warm water to clean your Fleshlight.  Simply open your faucet and run your Fleshlight under warm water.   Remove the inner sleeve and clean the outer case first.  Wash the inner sleeve thoroughly, both inside and outside.  You may consider turning the sleeve inside-out for maximum results, especially for more complex textures.

How to clean a fleshlight


3. Do NOT use soap.  The chemicals found in most detergents can disintegrate the integrity of your inner sleeve.  A Fleshlight can last a really long time. You just need to care for it.  Avoiding soap is one of those simple things you can do  to make your Fleshlight last long.

how to clean a fleshlight


4. Avoid Oil Based Lubes.  Oil is really difficult to clean.  So to make your life easy and to prolong the life of your Fleshlight do not use oil based lubes.  Use water-based lubes instead, which is so much easier to clean.

5. Sanitize your Fleshlight for effective hygiene.  You don’t absolutely have to use a sexy toy cleaner to sanitize your Fleshlight.  However, we highly recommend that you do. Moisture and bodily fluids create an ideal situation for bacteria to thrive.  You do not want to get any unsightly rashes or infections down there.  Plus you can transfer these infections to your partner.  So keep it clean and kill those germs.  So sanitizing your Fleshlight is strongly recommended.  However, you should NOT use hand sanitizer to disinfect your Fleshlight.  The alcohol in hand sanitizer is not good for your Fleshlight.  Other things you definitely should not do to sanitize your Fleshlight are to boil it or microwave it. Those are no-nos.


6. Thoroughly dry after washing.  Once your Fleshlight has been properly washed and sanitized, you then need to dry it properly.  Shake off as much water as possible from the outer case and the inner sleeve.  Dry the outer case with a soft towel.  This is the easy part.  Drying the inner sleeve is slightly more tricky. Lightly pat the outer part of the inner sleeve with a clean, soft towel.  If you have a microfiber cloth, then that is ideal as it will leave less fuzz on your toy.  Gently turn the inner leave inside out.  Be careful as you do not want to tear or damage the material.  Once turned inside out,  lightly pat it with a microfiber cloth until it is dry. Alternatively, you could just thread the microfiber through the inner length. As the inner leave is textures you may not get all of the moisture with the towel. Rest the sleeve on a cloth / towel and leave to air dry for optimal results.  The more texturized your Fleshlight sleeve is, the longer you’d need to leave it to dry properly. You can stick it in front of a fan or AC unit to help speed the process along.


7. Once completely dry inside and out, the final stage is to apply a renewing powder to your Flashlight sleeve (inside and out).It’s normal for the sleeve to feel a little icky, tacky or sticky after a while.  What we noticed is that not only does it get sticky but it also starts to trap dust and other undesirables.  To prevent this, we totally recommend using a renewing powder.  We use corn starch, which you can pick up at any supermarket and it’s much cheaper and just as effective.  Apply a generous amount of the powder both inside and out.  Pat it around to get the powder evenly on all surfaces.  Some people think they could avoid this process of cleaning Flashlights.  But this stage is just as important as the others.  Let me explain.  Fleshlights must be kept away from oil at all costs. Hence the need to use water-based lube. As you are aware, skin secretes its own natural oils, including your genitals and pubic area.  After a while the prolonged deposit of oil will begin to destroy your Fleshlight. Oil binds better with the powder than with the suppression material.  So using the powder on a consistent and regular basis will actually prolong the life of your Fleshlight and give you better returns on your investment.


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